The Industry is a series of podcasts made with industry leaders, we're excited to hear more about the insights they have on key topics throughout this year. Tune in this episode as Sebastian speaks to Brent Chamberlain, the senior director of diversity and inclusion and CIBC.

Brent talks about Corporate Canada's response to the Black Lives Matter movement, how CIBC responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and more. You're listening to The Industry on Goodes Conversations.

Time Stamps

3:25 - The impact that the Black Lives Matter movement had on Corporate Canada

6:25 - Is CIBC done listening?

9:55 - How did CIBC handle the COVID-19 pandemic

14:00 - Brent talks about how his team makes the tough decisions on which issues to prioritize

17:30 - How can you be an inclusive leader?

22:00 - How to avoid performative action

28:15 - Parting word of advice

29:00 - Outro (listen to learn how you can engage further with Goodes Conversations)