Title : For the Love of Money

Author: Sam Polk

Year of Publishing : 2016


For the Love of Money is an autobiographical account of Sam Polk’s ascension to the bastions of high finance — and the slow realization that it may not provide a fulfilling and well-rounded life, despite the financial incentives.

Polk is generally very candid about his character flaws, and takes the reader through a childhood of self-loathing and teetering on the edge of poverty to a tumultuous college experience. He takes a no holds barred approach to describing a struggle with substance abuse and a desire to exert some sort of agency over his own life, which cumulates in the revelation that there are other avenues for which to find self-acceptance and a sense of meaning aside from material gain.

It is a well-placed and quick read, precisely for an environment where societal norms exalt the prestigious jobs and financial benefits that Wall Street entails. Through an op-ed  in the New York Times, Polk expands bluntly expands on the contents of the novel and provides an honest depiction of the underside of a glamorized lifestyle.