Spotlight is a series at Goodes Conversations meant to showcase students at Queen's. Tune in as Sebastian speaks to Anna Brabender about what sustainability means, and how to be imperfectly sustainable.

Anna Brabender is a third-year Environmental Science student taking a Certificate in Business.  Anna is extremely passionate about fighting for system change while also navigating how to live more a sustainable lifestyle. Anna helps fight for environmental justice with multiple groups within and outside of Queen's University and encourages others to be imperfectly sustainable through a social media account called @sustianabilitysimplified.

Time Stamps:

0:15 : Anna introduces herself

0:50: What does sustainability mean?

1:50: Why care about sustainability?

2:55: A time budget and the timeline

3:25: Do you feel like people are too overwhelmed? Do you think people just don't see a solution?

4:25: Transition: Intersectional Environmentalism and Eco Imperialism - How does it play out in our life?

7:15: Environmental justice is social justice

8:25: Who is feeling the effects of climate change today?

12:30: Stop the podcast. Look up: Eco Imperialism and Environmental Racism in Canada

12:50: Do environmentalists need to go about this from an institutional sort of standpoint?

13:50: Transition: How can we live sustainably on a daily and indivdual basis?

20:10: Combating societal norms

21:45: Radical change requires radical solutions

24:15: Why is veganism radical?

27:20: Sebastian's journey with veganism

28:45: Being an imperfect vegan, be imperfectly sustainable

32:00: Is being vegan the best thing you can do for the environment?

33:05: Is there no such thing as a meat-eating environmentalist?

36:00: A parting word of advice, what you should take away from this podcast?