Sustainable Perfectionism ft. Sophie Baremberg

Moving into November, Goodes Conversations will be exploring the theme of resilience. In a program filled with so many young, competitive minds; resilience is always prevalent in Goodes Hall. Join Zooni as she explores the diverse stories of students within our program and how they have adapted to maintain successful lifestyles.

This week, Zooni sits down with Sophie Baremberg as she discusses her resolution for achieving sustainable perfectionism. At the onset of her post secondary life, Sophie's intensely academic family background intuitively led her to benchmark success with her academic performance (a familiar attitude for many of us at Smith). While her drive for high academic standards has not changed, her renewed emphasis on sustainably maintaining an effective work ethic and quality of life have led her to achieve what she would now define as "success". Listen-in to gain insight to Sophie's knowledge, experience and well-developed perspective.