The Resilience Factor ft. Noor Rahemtulla

Coming into university, everyone has a plan. A dichotomy exists between the faith one has for the future they architect and the trust they have in the process required to realize their long-term goals. Inevitably, having too much faith in life unfolding favorably can overcrowd the reliability of accepting a resilient mindset. In reflecting back on our journey’s through four years of undergrad, many of us can quickly identify the rough waters we found ourselves in at one point in time. It’s important to champion the times when we have righted our boats and continued on course, as opposed to cursing the circumstances we fell under.

In this latest edition of Goodes Conversations, Zooni sits down with Noor Rahemtulla to continue exploring the theme of resilience. Noor and Zooni discuss their personal growth at university and the progress one can achieve through times of hardship.