A Goodes Conversations Project x The Queen's Global Markets

This podcast is a recap of the webinar held on Friday November 13, 2020:  

This year, Joseph R. Biden was elected as the 46th President of the United States in an explosive election cycle spanning several days, and with notable surprises. In newsrooms and homes across the world, discussions were had about the electoral college, battleground swing states, the fate of mail-in ballots, the minority vote, and more. Join 5 panelists from QBR, QGM, and a legislative aide from the United States Senate to have a post-mortem roundtable discussion on the US election, and what is to come next.

If you're a bit confused as to who is who, don't worry we were too!

Sebastian - First Speaker - Co-host! - QBR

Connor - Second Speaker - Legislative Aide from the US Senate

Keshiv - Third Speaker - QBR Panelist

Jordan - Fourth Speaker - QGM Panelist

Jacqui - Fifth Speaker - Co-host! - QGM


1:28 - Refusal to concede

5:50 - There was record turnout in this year's election cycle, are we seeing a shift in engagement from the American public?

8:40 - How do you think congress will react to this voter turnout? Does it translate into a mandate to be more accountable as politicians?

9:30 - What has been the biggest driver of polarization in the United States?

16:00 - The balance of power in Congress

19:30 - Q&A with Noah!

Audience Questions:

19:30 - The runoff races for the senate seats in Georgia, what can we expect?

21:00 - AOC and progressive policies

23:30 - Polling errors: The fundamental problems

27:00 - Has the existence of Trump been a net positive or net negative on the GOP?

29:46 - Outro! Listen in for more information on how to get involved.