Spotlight is a series at Goodes Conversations meant to showcase students at Queen's and Goodes. Tune in as Sebastian speaks to Omar about his role in creating The Smith Black Business Association and the QTBIPOC mentorship program.

Omar brings energy to this segment that is unparalleled. Omar is in his third year at Commerce and continues to disrupt the spaces he's in to make space his own. We ask Omar about his passion projects and his challenges. You're listening to Spotlight on Goodes Conversations.

Time Stamps

1:00 - Omar's Journey

2:55 - Starting his involvement in equity work

5:15 - What involvement do you have today in equity work at Queen's?

6:40 - How did black lives matter impact the movements

8:00 - Why mentors?

10:50 - How is COMM 24? What's the energy like?

12:30 - The fast creation of SBBA15:10 - Challenges with the creation of SBBA?17:40 - What keeps you motivated through the challenges?

20:15 - Opportunities you're opening up for students of tomorrow?

22:20 - What is your vision for Smith's tomorrow?

25:00 - Conclusion

26:00 - Outro (listen to learn how you can engage further with Goodes Conversations)