Title : Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future

Author : Peter Thiel

Year of Publishing : 2014

Overview :

Zero to One reads as both Thiel’s critique of current socio-technological models as well as advice and guidance into starting a successful business. Thiel laments the modern technological ecosystem as producing far more iterations than innovations and derides technology that has little tangible social value. He also decries modern social norms of pursuing aptitude across multiple different fields, arguing instead it is more beneficial to pursue excellence in one particular area — which is his inspiration for creating the Thiel Fellowship.

This piece pairs both social philosophy with more granular advice into the operations of a business, and expands the discussion around current societal models in both education and growth. Interlaced with personal and sometimes contradictory anecdotes (Thiel critiques white collar professions, yet himself worked as a both a lawyer and financial professional) Zero to One is a relatively quick and certainly captivating read.

Amazon Link : https://www.amazon.ca/Zero-One-Notes-Startups-Future/dp/0804139296